Chess Hotel | iPhone app

All the chess you need in one app

The Chess Hotel iPhone app combines live chess and correspondance chess all in one place.



Main view

All your correspondence games are listed in the main view.

Here you also have buttons to view the statistics, settings and new game page.

New game

First choose live or correspondence game. Then choose who you want to play with.

The red badges show that you have friends online! This means you can start a live game with one of them straigt away.

Live game

Live games are played with time settings ranging from 1 to 40 minutes.

New live game

Here you find live game invitations by players online.

You can also send your game invitation with your selected game settings to all players online.

Correspondence game

Correspondence games are slower but you can have many games going on at the same time.

You also have the opportunity to step through the game with the arrow buttons.